PolicyDock and Sensible help insurers turn PDFs into structured data



PolicyDock is proud to announce a collaboration with Silicon Valley-based business productivity software company Sensible, making it possible for insurers to turn PDFs and document images into structured data. 


Founded in 2020 by a team with a background in insurance and machine learning, Sensible has built a set of developer tools and a query language that makes it easy to parse data out of PDFs. PolicyDock’s partnership with Sensible means insurers will be able to auto-complete online forms within seconds by ‘dragging-and-dropping’ PDFs. 


“PDFs are the main form of communication in a business such as insurance. By providing our customers with a versatile tool like Sensible which can handle any type of PDF, our customers will be able to auto-complete forms and drag-and-drop policy schedules. The structured data our customers get in return will serve as a key foundational element of good data analysis,” said Roger Ying, CEO, PolicyDock.


“By automating what was previously a manual process, insurers save time and money as they do not need to grow their operations team at the same pace as their subscriber numbers. For organizations building tools around insurance workflows, Sensible is the fastest way to integrate document parsing into your software,” said Sensible’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Ming Lu.


Since its creation last year, insuretech PolicyDock has helped insurance businesses across the value chain harmonize data from disparate sources, using insurance technology to give them agility and the ability to perform real-time data analysis. PolicyDock’s partnership with Sensible is yet another reflection of the company’s aim to make insurance easy.


For more information, please contact PolicyDock here.