Tim Springer, CEO of Level Access, joins our Advisory Board


We first met Tim during the YPO A+ Accelerator program, run by the largest and most exclusive CEO network in the world. Since then he’s generously given his time in helping and advising us in strategic advice, while sharing his valuable insights and experience of building a B2B Software-as-a-Service company successfully and sustainably, servicing clients both in the public and private sector as well as being recognized as a leader in his field. At an early stage, he shares our vision of automating insurance — more about Tim below:


Level Access founder Tim Springer is an advisor at PolicyDock


About Tim


Tim Springer founded Level Access with the vision of creating a world where all digital systems are accessible to people with disabilities. For two decades, Level Access has provided digital accessibility compliance solutions for corporations, government agencies, and leading educational institutions. Tim views access to digital technology as a profound, empowering force in the lives of individuals with disabilities. As CEO of Level Access, he is dedicated to ensuring technology not only meet regulatory standards but supports real-world use by individuals with disabilities.


As founder of Level Access, Mr. Springer designed Level Access’s core technology and led the development of InFocus(tm), the industry’s first commercial software for testing Web accessibility. Tim served as the chief architect of the Accessibility Management Platform, Level Access’s proprietary accessibility assessment methodology and wrote Level Access’s programming language — the Document Compliance Query Language (DCQL). Mr. Springer advises many large public and private sector organizations on the technical challenges and best practices required to successfully achieve accessibility. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. He was recently awarded recognition as a Champion of Change by the White House.


Mr. Springer took over as the CEO of Level Access in 2003 during a period of significant strain on the company. He oversaw a complete redevelopment of the service and product offerings of the company and drastic realignment of the company operating team. Since then he has overseen growth in excess of 20% a year and the acquisition of the Bartimaeus Group and TecAccess.


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