PolicyDock - now integrated with cyber security ratings firm Bitsight

Third party cyber security assessments are a crucial part of a company’s online protection. Boston-based cyber security ratings firm Bitsight does that regularly for its clients, keeping them up to date when a vendor’s ratings decline. In addition, its security ratings platform applies sophisticated algorithms producing daily security ratings to help organizations manage their own security performance and mitigate third party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, conduct financial diligence, and assess aggregate risk.


Firms from highly regulated industries like banking, insurance, and healthcare leverage Bitsight to gain new insight into vulnerability. These include global insurance brokerage Marsh McLennan, Allianz Insurance, reinsurance broker BMS Group. At the same time, government agencies from countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Germany, and the United States utilize Bitsight to bolster critical infrastructure.


Now, insurers, brokers, or MGAs using PolicyDock’s technology can obtain a cyber readiness report for their clients too, especially before issuing a cyber insurance quotation. The cyber security preparedness assessment is generated within seconds, saving you time while giving you the ability to make data-driven decisions.


Watch this quick demo to see how PolicyDock’s technology works with Bitsight.


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